The Fun Can Begin!

My trial by fire is over. Our new ward was created in October, I was called to be Primary Chorister immediately, and our program was on Nov 13. I think the kids got a good taste of the real, fun me during singing time on Sunday. My own kids had been complaining that practicing the program in the chapel for two weeks was really boring.
The Primary program went very well. We were able to sing all three verses of “if I listen,” I almost but not quite cried during “Praise to the Man,” and the Stake Primary representative liked my gloves.
So I realized the first week practicing in the chapel that the kids had no idea why I was waving my arms around. I have some training in conducting, and I think that following a choral trained conductor is intuitive even for small children. I mentioned to the kids that week that my “big hands” meant to be louder. The next week I brought four pairs of gloves. They each represented something: pink fuzzy is soft and sweet, black is strong and confident, white fuzzy is listen for the Holy Ghost, and zebra stripped is exciting 🙂
I’m going to teach them more about dynamics in the next few weeks, and I’ll see if I can wean them off the gloves. I assume, because of the many kids who suddenly started mimicking my hand movements when I was wearing the gloves, that the kids hadn’t noticed my hands before. I loved the way the gloves contrasted with my skin and dress. They really stood out. I may keep using them just for fun and visibility.
That’s enough about that. I’m going to post all about my other new toys in another post.