Actions for teaching “As a Child…”

So, yeah, about flipcharts, they are really not my thing. I am new in this calling and I reserve the right to change my mind, but right now they’re just not doing it for me.

Instead I’m working on actions (going to try ASL) and using pictures from the gospel art picture kit (Could not believe this went out of print!!!).

For “As a child of God” here is my plan:

Vs 1: I (point to self) came to earth (make a fist RH and touch your thumb and middle finger to each end; picture of earth) with power (two boxer’s fists move from close to chest up and out) to choose (pick with your right hand something off your LH first or second fingers with thumb and index finger). Good (right hand flat fingers at mouth falls down to palm of other hand) choices (optional choose) bless me and my family (‘f’ with each hand make a circle; family picture) too.

Chorus: As a child (pat child’s head; picture of child praying) of God I receive (hands, fingers spread come together in fists one on top of the other; pic of gift) special light (hands start fingers together, move to “popcorn” action. pic of light) The Holy Ghost helps me (R thumbs-up on open L palm, L hand helps fist come in to self. pic helping) to know (RH palm down taps at temple) what is right (R fist moves on top of L fist pointer fingers extended.)

Vs 2: I feel (R hand palm towards chest, brushing middle finger up your chest to your breastbone) so safe (like a reverse love-fists crossed on chest then open them) and happy (two hands palms down brushing up your chest to your smiling face) because such feelings of peace (two hands palms together rotate (like washing hands) then separate, palms down) come from family (‘f’ with each hand make a circle; family picture) love (ASL-arms crossed across heart hands in fists).

Vs 3: In my own home (outline a roof and walls with flat hands) I’ll happily serve (hands at chest level palms up, alternate back and forth). I’ll strengthen (optional: same as power-two boxer’s fists move from close to chest up and out) my family (‘f’ with each hand make a circle; family picture) by my Good (right hand flat fingers at mouth falls down to palm of other hand) works.

I am not trained in ASL. I made this up on my own and it’s not intended to be a translation, simply a learning aid for the kids. I may modify or completely change some of the signs in order to help the kids–we’ll see how it goes!

A good resource for ASL video


As a Child of God

We’ve got a new song to teach on Sunday and we have eight new Sunbeams coming in. We’re a little nervous. So here’s the plan:

First we’re going to learn the rhythms of the song. I’ve got the five rhythm patterns in PDF format ready to print out and use as visuals to teach the rhythms. B is going to have the kids do body rhythm and A is going to use some simple shakers and drums. We’re shooting for 10 minutes for this…hopefully not more than 15.20111231-103550.jpg

Second comes the game: HIDDEN CONSEQUENCES I have a PDF of the title and a PDF of the four “mini-games” the minigames sheet I’m planning on printing out all four pages on one sheet of paper.

We will play one mini-game after each time I teach the kids more of the song. First I’ll sing it with the piano and then the kids will hum the melody while we play the mingame. 2. We’ll learn the words to the verse 1 with actions and pictures and sing it a few times. 3. We’ll learn the chorus words using actions and pictures and sing it a few times. 4. We’ll put the verse and chorus together and sing it a few times.

HIDDEN CONSEQUENCES goes like this: a child who volunteers (I’m not going to draw names for this since the kids are going to have to choose for themselves) will get to choose the game we play after I teach them a part. each game will have a hidden consequence.

Balloon toss: (the kids try to keep a balloon in the air while we sing) the kid who picks this will have to wear my purple cowboy hat during the game.

Betsy Bubblegum: (a poster of a girl with a hole for her mouth-put a balloon in the hole and blow it up during the song depending on how well the kids do) the kid who picks this gets to choose who blows up the balloon (an adult for jr primary probably).

Musical measles: (kids get circle stickers for singing well) the kids who chooses this will get to put stickers on people and wear some himself.

Forte/piano: (see my musical staff post) the kid who chooses this has to wear my robin hood hat while directing the kids to be loud or soft.

As long as all goes well, we’ll play this game again next week to teach the second and third verses. Maybe with different mini-games and certainly different consequences.



As we were working on dynamics for the song we’re doing for the Christmas program I thought of this fun prop for the kids to use.

Take an empty wrapping paper roll and cut a set of parallel slits about 2″ deep on each side. Cut 5″ squares of card stock and write or glue dynamic markings on both sides of them (we used pp, p, ff, f last week, but I intend to make more).

Insert the cards you want to use that week and watch your helper grin while he or she spins the tube around, controlling the volume of the singing 🙂

I’m going to save all my empty wrapping paper rolls in case this one gets squished, wet, or the cards become loose in the slots.