Learning experience

Well, I hope the kids learned a little but I learned an important lesson (again!): IT WILL ALWAYS TAKE MORE TIME THAN YOU THINK!! Also–first Sundays a Bishopric member teaches.

Jr primary learned the rhythms really well, and I was having so much fun that I couldn’t bring myself to stop. At that point I should have skipped the game and just taught the song…but we started the game, did the humming staccato/legato (I last-minute subbed that in for Betsy Bubblegum) learned the first line and then were out of time.
Argh!! I got so wrapped up in the fun that I totally missed the objective!! What a failure 😦 sorry…I’m wallowing a little because of lack of sleep. The fireworks were going off until about 1am and we have 9 am church. I will know better next time to keep my focus.
Sr primary went better. The Primary President cut her lesson out entirely (instead of just cutting it short) so I had more time. I didn’t have to spend as much time teaching rhythms because the kids are more experienced, and I kept things moving. The teaching was still rushed, but I went through the whole 1st vs and chorus.
So next week…I’ll think about it later and take a nap now.



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