Simply lovely @>–

Sunday was lovely. We played the Hidden Consequences game again but with breaks to teach new parts of the song.

My learning moment for the week: don’t let the game run the class. Last week the game was in charge, this week I was in charge and the game was helping me. Practically speaking, I mean that I taught some of the song and when the kids were doing it well enough, then we played a few rounds of the game. Then we stopped and learned some more, repeat. Last week I didn’t get enough teaching done because the game told me when it was time to teach. 😕 Also because we played with the rhythm instruments for too long. Also because I forgot that the first Sunday a Bishopric member comes in to teach the kids.

Jr primary has vs 1&2 down, and Sr has all of it. We still need to cement it by repetition of course. I love the part where everyone is signing light together-it almost makes me cry it is so beautiful.

It is fascinating, the differences between Jr and Sr Primaries. Jr was so calm and docile this week. I complimented them heartily after we played the balloon toss game. They were all IN THEIR SEATS the whole time!! And quiet (for excited kids)! Sr got a bit out of control… But we brought it back down again.

My goal for self-improvement this week is to bear testimony more. When I’m up in stage I am very in the moment, and often forget my plans to stop and talk about this principle, or ask this question. It will come with practice I’m sure, but I’m going to try an experiment. For some reason there is always an awkward pause after we sing the closing song and before the prayer. I’m going to try bearing my quick testimony of the principles taught that day while we wait for the closing prayer.

The next two weeks are going to focus on the meaning and expression of the song (and play with the rhythm instruments since the kids loved it do much). I’ll be back when I have a plan 🙂



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