Year at a Glance

My friend B and I got together today to plan out the year! I loved the 2012 year at a glance that Adri Johnson posted on Sugardoodle. I used it as a template to make a year at a glance for the chorister. Here it is in Excel and here it is in PDF. It has the monthly theme, song, a place to record the opening/reverence/closing songs, the lesson general idea for each week, songs suggested in the lesson, and holidays. Let me know if you think of anything else that should go on it!


2 thoughts on “Year at a Glance

  1. Janneke says:

    Thank you. I’m just not getting what the L.Songs and S. Sing columns are for.

    • ileecoyote says:

      L. songs are songs that are mentioned in the Lesson and S. Sing is short for “Kids sing in Sacrament meeting”. Sorry about being confusing…I meant to put in a note about that. You are welcome to change the document in any way you want before you print out a copy for yourself, including renaming the columns into something that makes sense for you 🙂

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