Plan for Jan 15

The lesson for this week has a lot of singing in it, but our pianist is very pregnant and can’t sit at the piano for the whole sharing time and singing time. So we’re singing some of the songs suggested in the lesson for opening/reverence/closing songs and the teacher will just teach. The game we’re playing will cover almost all of the concepts in the lesson, so the kids will get the repetition they need.

Sr Primary learned all of “As a Child of God” last week and Jr just needs to learn the last verse. So this week is time for repetition and meaning games.

For Sr primary we’ll play a variation of that millionaire game. I have some questions (here) that can be answered using lines from the song. I will print them out and put them on the board for everyone to see. everyone will get a shaker (I have 15 eggs and a lot of shakers I made out of paper rolls). A child will come up and choose a question to answer they must answer using a line from the song–exactly word for word. They can come up with the answer on their own (in which case they can roll a die to see how the primary will sing the song) or they can ask for help (in which case the primary will sing the song and emphasize the line they think answers the questions by shaking their rhythm instruments while singing the words). 

This game will allow us to sing the song again and again while thinking about the meaning of the words. Before we sing the song each time I plan to bear testimony of the principle/idea we just answered the question about. I think I’m going to put a sticker on the back of my hand, I’ll hopefully remember to talk first then sing.

If we have extra time we’ll do some other songs and have one child up at the front making a rating for how well the primary knows the song. My helper will rate each song we sing on a scale of 1-5 by putting 1-5 snowmen up on the board. This will help me know how well the kids know some of the songs we haven’t sung together yet.

For Jr primary first we need to learn the last verse. I’ll see how well they remember the other verses and then review or continue as needed. I am confident we can get through the whole song pretty quickly.

Then we’ll move on to the game. Instead of putting questions on the board I’m going to use pictures but we’ll do the same matching game and I’ll ask the questions before we sing the song. So I should have the same opportunity to bear testimony of each principle as we sing the song over and over. You can grab the  CTR picture on the left and here’s a link to the helping family picture all the other pictures are from the gospel art picture kit.

Hope it goes over well!


2 thoughts on “Plan for Jan 15

  1. Anonymous says:

    would you be willing to share your questions that you used for the millionaire game?

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