Review of Jan 15

It went well.

However, For some reason (maybe the cold weather) the Jr primary was really hyper, so I didn’t give them noisy toys to play with :?. They also didn’t remember the song as well as I had hoped, so instead of moving on the the 3rd verse we did the picture game and reviewed the 1st verse. It ended up being more of a put the pictures in order game than a millionaire game. They certainly enjoyed themselves! And we sang the first verse many, many times.

For Sr primary I had the 10/11 year old class put the questions and pictures on the board and pass out the rhythm instruments. Then I used my popsicle sticks to draw names of kids to come up and choose a question. After two kids’ turns I had to have them pass in the instruments because they were too noisy and the kids couldn’t hear the questions. I didn’t comment on the noise, I just asked everyone to please pass in their instruments and then went on with the game explaining that they would have to raise their hands when they heard the answer the the question. We did two more rounds after that before it was time to sing the closing song. I think that the kids really enjoyed the game. I think it did help them to think about the meaning of the words. We did sing the entire song about six times until the piano player was sick of it. Was it enough? I can’t wait to see how well they know the song next week!

I wish I had more than 15-20 minutes with the kids every week!


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