Plan for Jan 22

Same as last week, but I am going to teach vs 2 (again) and vs 3 of As a Child of God to Jr primary, and I have two modifications of the game for Sr from last week.

1. I’m changing the die out for a spinner with numbers on it that refer to a list I’ll put on the board. That way the kids in their seats know what the options are and can be in suspense. 2. No matter what, the kid picked will spin and then we’ll sing the song in that way–even for helping the kid figure out the answer to the question. Some of the spinner options involve funny voices or humming, so it’ll be harder.

Also, no rhythm instruments…the kids need to do the hand signs for a while longer until they learn the song better.

Also, put a new category on my planning sheet: “bear testimony of:” right before the closing song so I’ll remember.


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