Teaching Choose the Right

I promised the Sr primary we wouldn’t sing “As a Child of God” AT ALL this next week, since we really beat it to death last week. Jr Primary is still going to get about 1/2 the time working on cementing  ACG, but mostly we’re going to learn CTR! The PP is in charge of the lesson this month and she graciously decided to do a mini-lesson this week so I can have more time!! Yay!

We have been humming and laa-ing and Loo-ing with the piano playing CTR for the last 3 weeks. I have those Preston Blair faces signs that I have a helper hold up and direct the kids how to vocalize. So they should all be familiar with the melody.

I will start by pointing out all the “choose the right” phrases. Since my piano player is about to have her baby any day now and gets really sore if she sits at the piano for too long, I’ll just sing acapella or maybe use a cd.  The kids will hold up mini CTR shields every time they hear “choose the right.” (I will print out 12 B&W mini CTR shields to a page make copies in the library and cut them out square with the paper cutter–I’ll let the kids take them to class to color. I am way too lazy to make popsicle sticks or anything like that).

Then we’ll put away the shields for a while because we already learned the signs for choose and right when we did ACG! So we’re going to do it again!  First we’ll listen to it and sign the signs we already know (choose, right, light). Then I’ll teach them the new signs while I sing. The more times they listen to it before trying to sing it, the better they’ll know it. So then, after I’ve taught all the signs, I’ll have them sing too.  Just break it down and teach the kids each line, talking about the meaning and pointing out principles, bearing testimony when appropriate. For Jr we’ll at least work on the chorus for Sr we’ll do the whole thing.

1. Choose the right when a choice is placed before you.
In the right the Holy Spirit guides;
And its light is forever shining o’er you,
When in the right your heart confides.

Choose the rightChoose the right!
Let wisdom mark the way before.
In its light, choose the right!
And God will bless you evermore.

I am still practicing this…I may come back and edit. For verses 2&3 click here. If you want to see the official version here it is or find it on this page


PS I am so excited to have the 10/11 year-old class play the tenor line with my handbells! I hope they learn it fast so we can play around!


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