Review of Jan 29

I got the Cds out! I’ll post a copy of the letter I sent home and the playlist. I recorded my kids singing “Choose the Right” and put it on the CD instead of the Hymns version (because the Hymns version doesn’t have anyone singing the melody on the first verse!?! and kids find it hard to pick out the melody from a harmony anyway.) It is really cute. Not perfect, but cute. I will be happy to send you a copy if you want it!

The Primary Presidency passed the Cds out to parents during the 3rd hour and everyone was carrying them around after church.  I’m so happy do be done with that project! Not that it wasn’t enjoyable…I’m listening to my copy right now in fact. But now I can focus on other things (like my lovely friends who miss me).

Today I started teaching Choose the Right! It was AWESOME!! I loved it!! I remembered to bear my testimony and everything!!

In Jr Primary We worked on reviewing As a Child of God for the first 15 minutes. The kids know the 1st verse and chorus really well…but not so good with the 2nd and 3rd. We worked on it a lot today (using the same game we played in Sr Primary last week–with the spinner) So I hope that with continued repetition they will catch on. The teachers all know it very well…and most of the kids are doing the signs even if they aren’t singing.

So before we beat the song to death I had them stop and color their CTR shields. I ended up using a page with 6 CTR shields instead of the 12 I had originally planned–they were just the right size at 6/page. I ended up being a few short, but one of the teachers saved my bacon by having his kids draw their own on paper. The coloring break was just right–the kids came back ready to pay attention again. While they were coloring I played the CD  with words first verse and chorus (the one I recorded) about 5 times. I warned them to finish up before playing it the last time and then had them pass in their crayons.

I asked them what the name of the song is? “Choose the Right!” And then I asked how many times the word “right” was sung: we help up our CTR shields every time we heard the word “right” there are 6 in the first verse and chorus. I think we did it twice. Then I asked them if they remembered any signs from “As a Child of God” that we could use in “Choose the Right” I had them start doing it in their seats when they though of one and called the volunteer up to the front to show everyone. So we did the signs for choose, right, and light while we listened to the song again. By this time the teachers were all singing pretty confidently and some of the kids too even though I didn’t ask them to.

Next I taught them the sign for forever and evermore. we talked about how they mean approximitely the same thing and so have the same sign. And that was as far as we got with Jr Primary.

For Sr Primary I had planned on teaching “The Books in the Book of Mormon,” but the President’s lesson took much longer…So I only got my usual 20 mins instead of the extra time I had in Jr. Everything was the same except I used less repetition and made them color fast. I taught them forever/evermore and had a flash of inspiration: I asked them what signs they wanted to learn to sing with the song! So the kids had to listen the the song and go over the words in their minds to ask me for a word’s sign! It was pretty amazing. When they asked for a sign we weren’t doing in the song I was able to give it to them (inspiration!!) and once we had 2 new signs we would sing the song again, using the signs we just learned. So there are still about six signs throughout the 1st verse and chorus that we will need to learn next week, but we made great progress and the kids were singing it really well by the end. My favorite part was when a boy wanted to know the sign for “confides” we had a great discussion about what the word means and learned the sign and sang the song…it was really fun.

My least favorite part was when I realized that none of the 11-12 year-olds were participating at all…going to have to pray about that.

And then I remembered to bear my testimony at the end!!! Finally!

It was a great day.


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