Noah’s Ark and Valentine’s Day

Last week we had Stake Conference. It was really nice to just go to church again without bringing a bunch of stuff and worrying about my lesson. But it is also nice to be planning fun things for the kids to do again!

Since we missed last week I’m betting that the kids will not remember much of CTR, so we’re going to start with humming, loo-ing, la-ing, and singing the first verse during the 10-minute breaks. I will do the ASL signs for key words while we vocalize. That way the kids will be remembering the song while the lesson is being taught.

I know some of you are on the regular schedule, but we’re on Noah’s Ark this week (Feb 12), disciples Feb 19, and combined weeks 3-4 on Feb 26. Now that I’ve got that straight in my own mind I can figure out what to do about it!

So, as a nod to Noah we’ll sing “The Wise Man and the Foolish Man” (rain) for the opening song, Follow the Prophet” (vs 1, 3, 7, 8) for our reverence song, and “When I am baptized” (rainbows) as the closing song. That will give me the opportunity to re-iterate the message of the lesson and bear my own testimony.

For the Singing Time portion of Sharing time I have three objectives: 1 Review CTR and As a Child of God, 2 Wrap everything up in a Valentine’s Day package, and 3 tie whatever I can into Noah/Animals.

So here are some songs that have the word “love” or “heart” in them:

Senior Songs Junior Songs
Love is Spoken here 190 Happy Family 198
As a Child of God As a Child of God
Mother Dear 206 Mother Dear 206
Choose the Right Choose the Right
Love one another 136 Love one another 136
Jesus Said Love Everyone 61 Jesus Said Love Everyone 61

We’ll sing the songs in this order for Jr and Sr. I like having a static list like this (as opposed to having the kids draw out of a hat) because I control when we do a silly song and the pianist can have the page open and look at what key the song is in before it’s time to start. Objective 1 fulfilled: We’re singing the two songs we need to review and work on.

I’m going to give each of the kids a heart to hold, and whenever we sing the words “heart” or “love” they are supposed to hold their hearts up for me to see. Objective 2 fulfilled: Valentine’s Day fun

Before we sing each song I’m going to have a child (randomly chosen with popsicle sticks) come up to the front and pick an animal puppet out of my bag. Then I’m going to use the animal to conduct the song. Maybe I’ll have the puppet use a chopstick as a baton? I’ll have to practice that one… Objective 3 fulfilled: Noah’s Ark tie-in

I think we’re good to go! This should be fun and not too crazy! Tune in next week for Teaching Verse 2 of Choose the Right! And What am I going to do about those 10 & 11 year-olds?


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