Review of Feb 12


Well, I forgot about the animals. oops! I am disappointed because I have been trying to be more silly in Primary. But I did give each kid a heart stamp on their hand (much cheaper than stickers) and the kids showed me their stamp evey time we sang love or heart. It went pretty well. Not my kid’s favorite singing time ever…but it got done what we needed.

My favorite part was reviewing the words to Follow the Prophet. For Jr we did Adam and Noah for Sr just Noah. I had a picture or object cue for each line: Adam= Adam was a Prophet (picture of Adam and Eve), First one that we know (a big #1), in a place called Eden (picture of all animals together), he helped things to grow (silly flowers), Adam served the Lord by Following His way (CTR shield), we are his descendants in the latter days (modern family picture)! Noah: Noah was a Prophet (picture of Noah and partially completed boat), Called to preach the word (toy telephone), Tried to cry repentance, but nobody heard (baby that cries), They were busy sinning (frowny face)—Noah preached in vain. (a mirror) They wished they had listened when they saw the rain (squirt bottle of water). I love when the kids giggle at my props 🙂

Sr Primary learned all the signs we’re using for the first verse of Choose the Right and Jr learned almost all of them. For Jr I had one of my older classes come up to the front and model the signs we were learning, instead of the kids watching me do the signs, they watched their peers do it. I think I need to take a step back with Jr and do the song more slowly and talk about each individual sign again. Most of the younger kids weren’t signing with us and I think it’s because it was overwhelming. I am thinking about not teaching Jr Primary the other verses until the summer when we have the two months of songs we already know. I will go ahead and teach Sr at least vs two this month. We had a great discussion when I taught them the sign for mark. The sign for Jesus is the sign mark on each palm. Today the kids learned the signs for Jesus, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, and God. So I pointed out to them that they can bear testimony in sign language now. I want to review that point with them and have each of them learn the first article of faith in sign language.

We reviewed As a Child of God, and we sang one of the songs we’ll be doing for Mother’s Day. I was able to bear my testimony about the rainbow being a reminder of God’s promises to us (because he loves us) and then we sang When I am Baptized and ended the day on a great spiritual note.


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