Feb 19 CTR vs 1 review

Still teaching Choose the Right Verse 1 and chorus. The kids are going to be tired of it, so I’m going to have to come up with something stupendous for Sunday.

I’ve prayerfully decided that we need to stick with the first verse this week. I’m so tempted to teach vs 2 this week, since they were singing really well last week, but that is not the right choice. I’m going to listen to the still small voice and we’re going to dig in the trenches on verse 1. Since the kids already know Stand for the Right, CTR is going to be able to creep into March and we will still learn the whole song.

If the Sr primary gets bored we’re also going to sing The Books of the Book of Mormon and New Testament. With printed copies of the words. Easy-peasy and fits with the lesson of Jesus’s Disciples were blessed by CTR. (because the prophets were all Jesus’s disciples and chose the right of course). But I will be very surprised if they want to quit early this week!

We’ll play the following game for both groups:

Warning, this requires an excellent chorister/primary/primary teachers relationship. The activity may get out of control if you lack teacher support and have the kids are prone to it. But I think that keeping the kids engaged in small groups may actually help with any behavior issues. I’ll let you know if my primary handled it well or of we went down in flaming goo.

For Jr primary we need to finish learning the signs for the first verse. I talked to my 4-year-old and we decided that I need to slow the tempo way down. I also need something that will keep their attention better than me talking. And also cement the meaning of the words in their minds.

Solution: I will have kids play with each idea in the song. There will be 7 or 8 stations set up around the room–with their teachers to supervise. Each item/station will be labeled with the words to the corresponding line in the song so the teachers don’t get mixed up. The kids will have a few minutes to play with the idea of the song, then we will sing through the song and then the classes will switch. Until each class has been to each station and we’ve been through the song many, many times.

1 action for each line in the 1st verse and chorus:

“CTR when a choice is placed before you” I made a toy out of cardboard with two doors that open. One kid or teacher can hide the movable CTR behind the door and another try to open the right choice.
“In the right, the Holy Spirit guides” Have one kid guide another blindfolded kid along a line of tape labeled CTR.
“And its light is forever shining over you”  updated: I taped a mini CTR shield to the face of a flashlight so the light shone through it and then had the kids shine it over each other’s heads. [option 2 I have some shiny green metallic wrapping paper that I’ll write CTR on and have one taller kid or teacher shake over the head of a smaller ones. this ended up being pretty noisy, so I went with the flashlight]
“When in the right your heart confides” Give a heart pillow labeled CTR a hug.
“CTR, CTR.” [optional depending on how many helpers you have} give the teacher a CTR shield and ask the kids to make the letters CTR with their bodies or hands, working together.
“Let wisdom mark the way before” (station at chalkboard) kids draw a map/line on the board ending at CTR.
“In its light, CTR” Shine a flashlight on a kid or teacher holding a CTR shield.
“And God will bless you evermore”  The class will hold hands like ‘ring around the rosy,’ the circle representing “evermore.” They will be giggly and happy and we’ll talk about how CTR makes us happy.

We should have a great time and completely internalize the meaning of the words.

Items needed:
3-5 CTR shields of various sizes
Chalk and optional map landmarks for the chalkboard
cardboard with two doors (picture)
masking or painter’s tape
Shiny wrapping paper with Right written on it
heart pillow (with CTR)
bright flashlight

I promised last week I’d have a plan for the 10&11-year-old class who are too cool to participate in my silly activities. My plan, (after prayer, seeking advice, and much thought) is to make them all my assistants. I am going to plan in my lessons, as much as possible, to have them teach and lead the other kids. So this week they will all be assigned an activity to supervise. I will express both my confidence (that they will be able to keep the younger kids from getting out of control) and my gratitude (that their help allows me to plan such fun things instead of boring ones).


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