Absolutely No flaming balls of goo!

But I am a little hoarse from talking over all the kids šŸ™‚

The kids loved it! I changed two things from the original plan: I added a station that was for the first line in the chorus, “CTR, CTR” and had the kids make the letters CTR with their bodies or hands, and instead of using the noisy wrapping papering taped a mini CTR shield to the face of a flashlight so the light shone through it and then had the kids shine it over each other’s heads. I’ll update the original blog post to reflect these changes.

The teachers went above and beyond the call of duty and really engaged the kids in learning what the phrases meant. I took the first few minutes to explain to the teachers what the stations were and then they volunteered for the one they wanted. I told the kids “I have a really fun activity to do today, but I’m going to need your teacher’s help while I explain what I need them to do. I need you to be quiet so your teachers can listen.” then went through a brief explanation of each station. I went around and helped the first time, explaining again (when needed) how the activity related to the phrase from the song and asking the kids if they understood. Then I got everyone’s attention and we sang the song all together and switched stations.

The third time we switched I asked the kids to sing their line really loud and had the teachers remind them what that line was ;). The older kids really got into that! It was awesome. I was so blessed to have an extra 5 minutes in Jr primary, so all the kids were able to do all the stations!

The hardest part was getting the kids to stay in groups and to rotate to the next station without skipping one. We had a few kids do their favorite activity twice, but it’s not rocket science. I didn’t let it worry me. I can’t think of another way to rotate the kids (given that almost all the teachers were engaged at the stations and liked knowing what to do there). The presidency went around helping a lot, which I think is a big part of why it went so smoothly. If you have any suggestions, please share in the comments!

Now, it was really nice to have extra time with the Jr primary, but in Sr primary I only had about seven minutes. It was a coloring lesson…those seem to always take forever. So while the kids were coloring for the lesson I went around and pointed out the Achievement that can be passed off by learning the song “CTR” and asked them, “what song are we learning this month?” I think that piqued their interest. But because of lack of time we were only able to do 1 station. My own 8-year-old didn’t seem very disappointed and doesn’t want to do it again next week…so I think it was a good trade-off. If I hadn’t already prepped my 10/11 yr-old class to be my helpers I would have skipped it entirely. But you can’t flake out like that on kids.

I also had the kids sing it once with only singing their station’s phrase and I really got their attention when I said “now, you don’t want to look stupid, so listen to the way we’re going to do it.” erm…going to have to watch my mouth.


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