Aluminum CTR Shield

Here is the CTR shield I made for the activity Feb 19th. The activity was for the kids to shine a flashlight on it, so I thought it would be really cool if it reflected the light. I am sure I’ll use it again sometime this year of CTR 🙂

It is made of two layers of cardboard. I drew two shields on the piece of cardboard I had lying around, cut them out, and then put them together and trimmed them so one was slightly smaller than the other. The larger one is covered in foil, the smaller one is the back of the shield.

I wrapped heavy-duty aluminum foil around the larger one (leaving about a 2-inch margin around the back of it and cutting or tearing lines in the foil right up to the bent edge (notching in sewing terms I believe) and taped the foil down using double-stick tape.

Then I made the handle in the back piece. I used the scissors to cut two parallel slits in the cardboard and cut a section of an old belt, put it through the slits and stapled them together on the wrong side of the cardboard. Then, using glue on the cardboard and double-stick tape on the foil, I stuck the two together.

I am sure there are ways to make this kind of a thing better. Please let me know if you improve on my design!


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