People looking in the windows make me nervous

Teaching the second verse of CTR went really well. I changed a few of the words we are signing and I’ll update that post to reflect it. The kids really got the meaning of digression (I had them put two fingers together going down the right path and then had one finger go the wrong way like Laman and Lemuel: digression) even the sunbeams said “digression is going the wrong way” enthusiastically! and they loved that the sign for evil is like an evil mustache (we all laughed evil laughs while we practiced this sign) and overcome is like winning an arm wrestling match. And then my favorite: inspiration is like light inside of you. We had a great talk about why that is. The kids know so much already πŸ™‚ I love taking with them and hearing their insights.

The balloon game worked well, except the older kids were freaked out about popping the balloons! The game took twice as long in sr primary as in jr because they couldn’t pop the balloons!!

I think that the kids got the hang of thinking about the blessings, and I did pretty well in remembering to point out the point of each song (I have been remembering to bear my testimony at the end most weeks too!) but I need to be more clear in explaining how the game will work. It was not really clear at the beginning what the point of the game was. I still get nervous and full of adrenaline every time we start a game (adreniline makes your brain turn off certain important functions like logical thought…).
So…practice explaining the game to my kids ahead of time? I get a great benefit from explaining my plans here on the blog, but maybe I need to verbalize it.

So, two goals for the future: practice explaining the game out loud on the drive to church with my captive audience all strapped into their car seats, and maybe not plan an exciting activity every week? I asked my primary president if she felt like I had a good balance of silly and reverent. Her opinion was that I don’t need to entertain the kids quite as much as I have been. I think she means I don’t need to get them quite so excited πŸ™‚
I’m torn about this: I don’t want the kids to have such high expectations that an ordinary week of memory or a matching game is disappointing. But, as a child of less-active parents, I want every week to be awesome for those kids who don’t come every week.
My plan is to try to keep the craziness to one week a month.


2 thoughts on “People looking in the windows make me nervous

  1. Anonymous says:

    I understand what your primary pres. is saying, however, we have had some very “dry” choristers in the past and the kids don’t WANT to go to primary. I would much rather have my children looking forward to seeing “what’s next” then dread going. You are wonderful to put so much effort into what calling most people wouldn’t want. I appreciate all your ideas!

    • ileecoyote says:

      Thank you so much! I was having a really hard time working on this week’s lesson plan until you commented. I guess I needed an extra vote of confidence πŸ™‚

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