How can you know what is right?

We’re still working on CTR for the first two weeks in March. I want the kids to have a really solid start in this song, so we’re going slow and thorough. This week we’re practicing verse 1 and 2 together.

To go with the lesson (God speaks through living prophets) we’re going to be answering the question “how can I know what is right?”


I’ll ask a volunteer a Right/Wrong (true/false) question (list of questions at the end) and their choice of how they know the right answer will determine how we practice CTR.

To summarize, you tell your helper a R/W statement, they say right or wrong, they choose how they know that answer (of the 4 choice pictures on the board), you confirm and testify, everyone sings the song. Repeat until time is up.

The game’s possible answers are:
Living prophets (sing a different song)
Prayer (hum/words signs)
Scriptures (piano/forte staff)
Listen to the Holy Ghost (only ASL signs, no singing)

I’ll have on the board a picture with a label to represent each answer. The kids will answer right choice or wrong choice (like true or false) and then point to one of the pictures indicating that they learned this answer from living prophets, prayer, scriptures, or listening to the Holy Ghost. There is no wrong answer to the second part–it just tells us how we are going to practice CTR. But it does give me an opportunity to bear testimony of yes, the prophet/scriptures/etc can teach us this principle.

For the living prophet option we will quickly review some stories President Monson shared in last year’s conference (yes, it will be a preview of week 3s lesson). The presidency member who is teaching will tell the kids these stories (time permitting since the Bishopric sometimes takes a long time to talk with the kids):
Dare to stand alone (story of navy boot camp or bus tour)
Prayer ($5 bill story)
Stand in holy places (story of family of 10 who all went to the temple in New Zealand)

The other songs for the living prophet option are: Stand for the Right, Dare to do right, follow the prophet, Sunbeam, etc

Right/Wrong statements:
Your friends are making fun of someone, and you laugh with them. (no! You should tell them to be nice.)
You get married in the Temple.
You loose a library book and pray for help finding it.
Your teacher tells the class that Mormons don’t believe in Jesus Christ. You just sit in your seat. (wrong! You tell her the truth.)
Your mom said you can’t wear those clothes to school, but you just put on your sweater and she doesn’t notice. (wrong! Be obedient! And dress nicely!)
You have a bad feeling about going to your friend’s house so you stay home instead.
You get lost and remember to stay where you are (hug a tree)!

Please comment if you have some other t/f statements or if I need to explain better, or if you tweak my ideas to use in your primary. I love seeing other people’s twists on ideas!


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