Lean on the Lord

I was not prepared for how strong the spirit would be in Primary today. I almost couldn’t sing the song that first time in Jr Primary. It was so powerful.

And when we sang the song with the Violinist…wow.

Some practical notes however:
I didn’t have quite enough time in Sr Primary. But if we hadn’t done the Books in the Book of Mormon there would have been enough time for the rest.
Jr primary got a little too enthusiastic about the loud/soft game and stopped singing the words for a while…so I stopped that game after only two times. I skipped it entirely in Sr, which was a mistake because I had a really hard time getting them to be louder with just my hands.
Next time I bring in a musician I am going to leave time for them to introduce their instrument and play their part alone one time. The kids were so distracted watching the violinist the first time that they didn’t sing :0P
All in all, it was a wonderful week. I am so grateful that my efforts are magnified by the Lord. With a little preparation on my part He will touch the hearts of the children. And we are all blessed.
I am ready for a nap for sure. Weeks like this wear me out.


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