When He Comes Again

We’re doing “When He Comes Again” for April. Only the first verse. I really love the message and scriptural basis for the first verse. The second verse is not as strong doctrinally and we could really use a simple song this month after learning two 3-verse songs for the past 3 months!


This week am going to practice self-restraint and only sing through it twice. We’ll work on it more over the month.

I’m going to have the kids hold props to represent the ideas in the song.

I wonder when He comes again: picture of second coming
Will herald angels sing: nativity puppet angel
(beach ball globe to hold over the snowflake and then the flower)
Will earth be white with drifted snow: snowflake
Or will the world know spring: toy flower
I wonder if one star will shine: flashlight with a star taped to the glass
Far brighter than the rest: paper stars
Will daylight stay the whole night through: sun cut-out
Will songbirds leave their nests: stuffed bird and nest with plastic Easter eggs.
I’m sure he’ll call His little ones: dollhouse children
Together round his knee: picture of Christ w/children
Because He said in days gone by: scriptures
“Suffer them to come to me”: child gesturing ‘come here’

The points I want to make over the course of the month are:
Jesus came once already and He will come again
We don’t know when
Star and angels and daylight whole night through were prophecies about Jesus’ birth.
When he does, He will still love and have time for the little children.
Jesus took time for children before His death and after His resurrection.

I also want a scripture reference look-up day for Sr primary.

I chose this song knowing I’d be teaching it starting Easter Sunday. It will tie in really nicely with the ideas I want to present for Easter:

What do bunnies, eggs, flowers, etc have to do with Jesus being resurrected?

I’m going to have a basket with these things in it:
A plastic Easter egg:  sing birds in a tree 241 (eggs represent new life, Christ gave us all a new life through the atonement and Resurrection)
A toy flower: My Heavenly Father loves me 228 (Jesus made it possible for us to come to this beautiful world, make mistakes, and return to heaven)
A packet of seeds: sing little seeds 243 (seeds look dead, but they will grow new life Christ was dead but cane back to life and we will too)
Dead branch: sing popcorn 242 (branches look dead but are only sleeping because of Christ we will also only sleep)
Bunny: we are a happy family 198–one of our Mother’s Day songs! (bunnies have big families, two bunnies can have 800 kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids in one year! This represents life winning over death like Christ.)
Stuffed bird: in the leafy tree-tops 240 (birds are some of the first animals to come out in spring, signaling that winter (or death) has been beaten again!)

List of songs we may sing:
In the leafy treetops 240
Birds in a tree 241
Popcorn 242
Little seeds lie fast asleep 243
Rain is falling 241
My Heavenly Father Loves me 228
We are a happy family 198

Items to bring are all in Bold Type.


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