April 15 Jesus, The Perfect Example


  • Continue to teach “When He Comes Again”
  • Introduce the Mother’s Day song, “Mother, Tell me the Story”
  • Talk about what it means to be perfect, and that because of Jesus we are able to try and fail (we are not perfect yet).
Things to bring:
Marble track pieces OR you could make a track out of paper tubes cut in half and taped together.
a marble OR other ball that can be washed clean of goop with water
homemade gack (cornstarch and water cooked until thickened and colored green with food coloring) in a tupperware
clear bowl to fill with water in the kitchen
picture of Jesus to put up on the chalkboard

Attention Activity:
Set up my daughter’s marble course (just the beginning and the end with a gap in between) on the table in the primary room. Put the container of green goop under the break in the marble course so the marble will fall into it. Put the clear bowl of water where the kids can see it. Put the picture near the bowl of water.

Lesson Plan:

While you’re setting up talk: The primary president just taught us about how Jesus was the perfect example for us. What does it mean to be perfect? (1 flawless without defect 2 complete and whole 3 pure) there are many different meanings of perfect. Sometimes we only think of the meaning flawless. Sometimes we are upset with ourselves because we are not flawless. I really like to think about the other meanings of perfect: complete and pure. Elder Russel M Nelson said Perfection can only come “after the Resurrection and only through the Lord.” because then we will be complete and pure.

I have here a marble course. What is supposed to happen when I put the marble up here (the marble is supposed to travel from the top to the bottom without falling down). Is the marble track perfect? (no! it’s not finished!) What will happen when I put the marble in here? (show the kids the marble falling in the goop) This marble is all dirty now. But Jesus can make it clean again! (wash the marble in the bowl of water and dry it off) If we follow Jesus’ example we can be perfect and finished like Him!

Is Heavenly Father perfect? (yes!) Is Jesus perfect? (yes!) Are we perfect? (no!) Why do we want to be perfect? (so we can live with Heavenly Father again) Is it ok for us to not be perfect? (yes! For now, but we need to keep trying to be perfect.) Why is it ok for us to not be perfect? (Because Jesus Atoned for our sins and made it so when we can be clean and perfect again when we repent).

Call up a helper to choose a new piece to add to the course. While your helper is deciding sing: “When I am Baptized.” When you are done singing have a new helper put the marble in the top. Make sure the marble falls in the goop. Then while you rinse it off in the water take the opportunity to bear your testimony of a principle or explain the meaning of the song you sang.

Repeat with other songs:

  1. When I am Baptized testify of Baptism and repentance
  2. When He Comes Again (or your April Song) testify that Jesus loves us
  3. When He Comes Again (or your April Song) explain that we are getting much closer to being perfect or complete
  4. When He Comes Again (or your April Song) is it good to keep trying even when we aren’t perfect?
  5. Have the kids listen to you sing “Mother Tell me The Story” (or your Mother’s Day song) give them a question to answer with the words of the song: whose story does the mother in the song tell? Why is it important to learn about Jesus?
  6. Have the kids hum Mother Tell me The Story (or your Mother’s Day song) while you sing the words again. Testify that Jesus loves us and wants to help us become perfect. He is very patient with us like our mothers and will keep washing off our sins as many times as we repent.

End with Choose the Right and express pride and gratitude that the kids kept learning the song even though there was a lot to learn and it took a long time. Explain that they know this song perfectly (or will before the program) and completely because they kept working on it. Put the marble in the completed course and have it run to the bottom perfectly without landing in goop.

When we do something that we’ve never done before we can’t do it flawlessly. The first time you sing a new song do you do it perfectly? How do you learn a new song? (by doing it over and over again!) I am so proud of you for learning our new songs this year!


Some talks I read in preparing for this lesson:





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