Primary Stars Review Game!

My kids have been begging for a “Primary Idol” week, and we’ve got a good handle on a few songs! I really want to hear how the primary does without teacher support. So I made a sign for kids sing and everyone sing:20120428-222821.jpg20120428-222926.jpg

Songs to sing:
Mother Tell Me
Happy Family
When He Comes Again
I Feel My Savior’s Love
As a Child of God
Stand for the Right
Dare to do Right

I have always been uncomfortable with the name of the game: “Primary Idol” so I’m going to change it to “Primary Stars!”

For each song I’ll have five helpers: an announcer to announce the song and the score at the end, a sign holder to have the teachers sing or not sing throughout the song; three judges, volume, word clarity, and participation. The announcer will have a toy microphone, sign holder will hold the “adults sing/don’t sing, and the judges will each have a silly costume to wear. The judges will also have a set of stars printed on paper, 1-3 stars to hold up to let the kids know how they are doing. The stars are printed on front and back so you can see what you’re holding up. I want them to hold a set of stars up throughout the song so the singers get instant feedback.

If the kids get 3 stars in each category then they get to pick a song to sing next. If they get 4 or fewer stars we have to sing the song again to do better. The stars needed for a repeat is variable, the closer we are to the program, the closer to perfect the kids have to be!

Each helper will get a star stamp when they’re done helping.

That’s it for this week! I am very grateful to be able to pull a game out of my hat during a busy week!


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