May month outline

Here’s the plan for May (subject to change):

May 6-teach vs 2 of “When I am Baptized” (this was a song from our ward’s program in 2011 so the kids know verse 1 very well). Use handbells to illustrate how the melody makes a rainbow. The handbells I have are rainbow colored šŸ™‚ I may use a recorder (the instrument) to play the highest note-D in the song since my bells don’t go that high (but I do have the flats so I don’t have to change the key) -also practice mother’s day songs

May 13 (Mother’s Day)-teach “Baptism” vs 1 in Jr, vs 2&3 Sr: put the words up on the board in rainbow colors and take them down one color at a time.

May 20- Teach/review “the Holy Ghost” sing some other songs the kids like (including the Father’s Day songs we’re going to do) and have a few kids add food coloring in various colors to a clear container of water. Then use bleach to ‘repent’ (still need to test this activity to make sure bleach can handle this much food coloring!)see this idea in the friend here

May 26 (Memorial Weekend) -Jr sing animal songs and remind the kids about Noah and his covenant with God. Parallel with the Baptism covenant and give each kid a rainbow streamer to wave when we practice “when I am baptized” -Sr talk about Noah, sing songs from past programs, teach kids to conduct in 2/4 with their rainbows streamers.


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