Plan for May 13: Baptism p 100

It’s Mother’s Day and the Bishop wants all the women to be in RS during 3rd hour! My husband knows me so well that when he told me this news he added, “but if you don’t want to I’m sure you don’t have to!” He knows that I am very reluctant to let anyone else teach the kids. But this is going to be a good week for it.

Jr Primary Plan:

Goal: teach/review with the kids “Baptism” p 100 verse 1 and review “When I am Baptized” p 103

I’m going to use pictures and ASL to teach this song to Jr primary.

Jesus came to John the Baptist, (asl Jesus picture of Jesus, picture of John the Baptist)
In Judea long ago, (Globe, point to Israel, Sign ASL Long time ago)
And was baptized by immersion (picture of modern people being baptized, spray the kids with a spray bottle-explain the immersion means getting all the way under the water–wet! I had each kid say “immersion” to get the reward of being sprayed with a very fine mist)
In the River Jordan’s flow. (Show picture of Christ being baptized, ASL River)

Then practice this song and “When I am Baptized” letting a kid or teacher spray water on “good” singers who are smiling at the sprayer–kids who are looking at me, opening their mouths, and being reverent

Sr Primary Plan:

Rainbow words to learn 3 verses of “Baptism” I have a document to print on colored paper. It has all the words from the song’s 3 verses. Print it on red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink paper and then tape the words to the board. Sing the song, taking off the words in rainbow order to help the kids memorize it. Also, the sub may use the spray bottle from Jr primary if the kids need some more excitement!

I am really excited for Mother’s day! I hope yours is awesome!


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