May 26 updated plan

May 26 (Memorial Weekend)
I’m cutting rainbow crepe paper streamers into one-foot sections for the kids to use while we work on “When I am Baptized” this week. This is our last week working on it, so giving the kids something new on a song they are tired of should help them keep interested.

Goal: I want to emphasize the convanent aspect of this song and teach the 3rd verse that Laura posted on the primusic yahoo group. Thanks Laura!

3rd verse
I come to church each Sunday
to take the sacrament
and I can be made clean anew
each time that I repent

For Jr Primary:

Sing the Noah verse of “Follow the prophet,” then some animal songs and remind the kids about Noah and his covenant with God. Talk about how God made a covenant with Noah and that when we are baptized we also make a covenant with God. Give each kid a rainbow streamer to wave when we practice “when I am baptized.” I’ll probably just sing the 3rd verse to them with my explanation and practice the 2nd verse with them.

For Sr Primary:

Sing the verse about Noah. Talk about the rainbow symbol of Noah’s covenant and teach the 3rd verse by writing it in the board in rainbow chalk. I’ll probably put the 2nd verse up there too. Then I’ll erase words as we sing it. When I give the kids their rainbow streamers I’ll also teach them to conduct the song in 2/4 with their rainbows streamers. We’ll practice and erase words.

Some references:

“Reading and studying the scriptures make us conscious of the many conditional promises made by the Lord to encourage obedience and righteous living. Israelite history is filled with examples of covenants, which constitute one of the central themes of the Old Testament—the promises of God made in exchange for the commitments of the prophets and the people.
The Lord made a covenant with Noah, and the rainbow became the token of that eternal covenant with all mankind. (See Gen. 9:13.) The covenant made with Abraham and his seed was sealed by the ceremony of circumcision as a sacrament. (See Gen. 17:10–11.) And the token or sign of the great covenant with all Israel made at Sinai was the Sabbath. (See Ex. 31:12–17.)”
1982 October General Conference, Commitment to God, Sun. Morning Session – Howard W. Hunter

“Rainbow. An outward token of God’s covenant with Noah (Gen. 9:13; see also Ezek. 1:28; Rev. 4:3; 10:1). The rainbow no doubt existed before the flood, but with Noah the rainbow took on a new significance as the token of the covenant. JST Gen. 9:17–25 enlarges the terms of the covenant to include not only that the earth will never again be covered with a flood of water, but also that the Zion of Enoch will return and the Lord will come again to dwell on the earth.”
Bible Dictionary, Rainbow


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