Rough plan for June

Theme: I Choose the Right by Living Gospel Principles
Goals: Father’s Day, teach Nephi’s Courage, bear testimony

June 3 I pray to Heavenly Father for strength to do what is right.

Teach Jr Primary 2nd verse of “Love is spoken here” using signs we have already learned.
Explain how Nephi got his strength from God while singing “Nephi’s Courage” vs 1&2 and having kids act out the story. Use simple props like towels for costumes, scriptures for plates, a toy boat, a cardboard sword for Laban.
Teach (by example not actually teaching) a few ASL signs for each line in the chorus.

June 10 When I pay my tithing, Heavenly Father will bless me.

Review both Father’s Day songs and remind the kids to be mindful singers next week–to think about what they are singing and who to, and how they feel about that person (dad or other person like a teacher, absentee father).
Practice vs 1&2 of “Nephi’s Courage” ask if Nephi would have paid his tithing? And what would be the consequence of that choice? (blessings!)

June 17 I obey the Word of Wisdom by eating and drinking that which is good and avoiding that which is bad.

Congratulate the kids on how much love they showed their fathers (or other) today.
Teach 3rd verse of “Nephi’s Courage” tie it in to the WoW. Define the big words and remind them of the ASL signs we already know from other songs: Lord, commandment, choose, another way (digression), courageous. Teach obey, discouraged, try. Also discuss any signs from the chorus that need it.

June24 When I dress modestly, I respect my body as a gift from God.

Sing some Body Part songs like: HSKT, Two Little Eyes, Roll Your Hands, and My hands upon my Head I’ll Place.
Review/ catch-up on “Nephi’s Courage” bring out the costumes one more time and tie it in to modest clothing. Did Nephi choose to dress modestly?


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