Afraid or laughing?

For Sr Primary this week I had a plan to talk about tithing, but while I was sitting there listening to the lesson I felt that I really needed to keep teaching “Nephi’s Courage” to them.

So I pulled out my Book of Mormon and looked up the scripture references for the song and found the verses where Laman and Lemuel express the fear and mocking talked about in the song.

Fear: 1 Nephi 3:31
Mocking: 1 Nephi 17:17

I had the kids look them up and read the first one. I reminded them that this was when they were getting the plates from Laban. Then I asked them how Laman and Lemuel were feeling during this scripture. Someone said “angry” and I should have said that sometimes people become angry because they are feeling afraid, but I didn’t, and the next kid answered “afraid”. Then we sang verse 1.

Then I asked the kids, “what happens in the second verse?” they answered, Nephi builds a boat! Then we read 17:17 and I asked again, what were Laman and Lemuel feeling? We talked about making fun, laughing, mocking, etc. and then I asked, “how do you feel when you are being laughed at?” and “Do you think Nephi felt that way?” “But what did he do? He chose to do what the Lord wanted! He built a boat!”

It’s hard to convey the discussion we had in print, but I hope you get the general idea… Then we sang the whole song through.


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