The WIse Man Built His House

In a clear plastic tub I’ll put some sand.

I’ll make two tiny houses made of 2″ square foam sheets glued together with hot glue.I may make three, one to pass around the primary.

I”ll glue one to a large rock.

The other I’ll “glue” to a small hill of damp sand.

We’ll sing the song, “The Wise Man and the Foolish Man”

Then I’ll use a watering can to “rain” on the houses and watch what happens.

We’ll read the scripture references that go with the song and talk about what it means to “build on the rock”

Then we’ll review the program songs and try to find ‘rocks’ in them (gospel principles). The kids can come up and pour a little water on the houses for every gospel principle we discover. (I’ll have a presidency member help them)

Since I’ve been teaching the kids sign language I’ve become very sensitive to actions we do. I don’t want the kids going out in the world thinking that every action they do is a sign. So, I’ve pointed out to the kids that the sign we traditionally do with “foolish” is the ASL for crazy, which is very different from foolish. Then I taught them the sign for foolish which is really quite fun to do. And, the traditional action for wise is ASL for think, which we learned in another song this year, but we also learned this sign for wise. You might also want to know the signs for sand, rain, flood, rock, house.

I plan on encouraging them to make whichever action they want, but I’m going to do the ASL signs that occur in the other songs we’ve learned since that’s what they are used to seeing from me. I think that by the time we get to the program they will all be doing the same thing I am.


Other References:

Scroll down to see the answer to the question: “What it the symbolic meaning of the word Rock in the scriptures?”

Upon this Rock” 1981 April Conference talk Bruce R McConkie


2 thoughts on “The WIse Man Built His House

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this! Thank You.

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