I’m Trying to be like Jesus

I’m on my way home from vacation. We’re going to be getting in late Saturday night, so my plans for Sunday are really simple this week:

I’m trying to be like Jesus
My kids know this song pretty well already, so my goals for this week are:
1. Teach the Sunbeams the song.
2. Help the kids think about the meaning of the words.

For Sr primary I’m going to experiment with the overhead projector. I’ll print out the words to the two verses and chorus onto a transparency. Then I’ll ask the kids to sing the song and find words that answer some questions. They can come up to the projector and mark the answers in colored wet-erase markers.

Here’s my list of questions:
1. What words rhyme?
2. What words describe Jesus?
3. What things did Jesus teach?
4. What does the Holy Spirit say?
5. Circle the action words (verbs)
6. What does this song say we should do?

Then, for the kids who are not strong visual learners, we’ll run through it with ASL keywords.

For Jr Primary I’m going start with the ASL reminder words. Here’s a link to kid-friendly ASL:



I’m going to use the overhead projector in Jr Primary too! While I teach them the chorus of “Trying,” I’m going to draw some friends on the overhead. It’ll be a little like reverse hangman: we’ll learn a line and when the kids sing it confidently I’ll draw some part of two kids (a girl and boy dressed for church). I’ll also draw pictures around the sides of ways our friends can help us choose the right.

Picture to follow!

Last week’s overhead projector was a hit! One to the primary teacher’s is a substitute teacher in the public school and she got a Huge kick out of the kid’s reaction to this “new technology” 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’m Trying to be like Jesus

  1. Anonymous says:

    I happen to HAVE an overhead projector and never thought of using it for primary, but LOVE these ideas! Please let me know if you think of any other ways to use it, especially allowing kids to come write on it. laurenfow@hotmail.com One idea I thought of–you could put a huge piece of butcher paper on the board and project an image onto it, and invite super singers up to trace/color it while they sing. Then display the large version in the primary room (like a missionary, or a temple, or whatever the focus is for the day).

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