Letting them Choose

For Jr primary we are still working on “I’m trying to be like Jesus,” but Sr Primary has it down. So, after a blog I follow mentioned that she has a ‘reminder’ picture for each song in the program, I though I’d let Sr Primary choose the pictures!

I put a lot of pictures on the board with magnets, including the ones I would have chosen for each song, plus lots of others. I asked the kids when the primary program is and was blown away that they remembered the date! However, when I asked them how many songs we were going to sing and none of them had any idea! So I said I thought it would be a good idea to have a picture to represent each song so that when it’s time to sing the song in the program I could hold it up and they would know what song was next.

And that I would like their help choosing pictures that represent the songs. So, we sang each song’s first verse quickly and I reminded the kids to think about the meaning of the song and which picture would represent the ideas of the song best. I had them point to a picture they liked, and then I would pick up two (or three) pictures and have the kids hold up hands to vote for one. I also gave them the option of drawing a new picture.

Here’s what we came up with:

As a child of God


Choose the Right

(you may remember this shield from January)

Stand for the Right/Dare to do Right Medly (link here)

I’m going to have to make a sword with the word “Right” on it… instructions to follow!

When I am Baptized

(the kids’ comment was, “that’s obvious!” But, lots of kids wanted a rainbow…so I said I’ll tape a small rainbow to the picture)


Nephi’s Courage

(there was a lot of debate between this one and the Lehi on the Boat picture)


The Wise Man

I’m Trying to be like Jesus


Our Choice:


I think I’ll choose a picture for each verse of each song, and have someone else hold them during the program.


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