You’re the choir!

Since conference is next week I wanted to do something to emphasize that the speakers and choir are real people just like when we have church at home.

I have a simple video camera that I can hook up to AV cables and then watch the feed on a tv.

So, I’m going to set up the video camera and have a teacher be my camera technician (in Sr Primary I may let a kid do it).

First I’m going to use the video camera to show pictures of the first presidency. And introduce them by name. I’ll have the kids say, “Hi, President Monson!” Etc

Then we’ll sing our songs and the videographer will look for smiling faces to put on the TV-just like when the choir sings at the conference center!

Have a great week!


mini words booklet

Here’s a mini words booklet you can edit to fit your songs. CTR words booklet


These are great for teachers who are new to primary, or inactive kids. You fold them in half lengthwise, then accordian-fold it, so it makes a “W.”


then you have a pocket-size book that isn’t obvious to the congregation.

I made this using word. To make your own; open up a new word doc, click on the “Insert” tab along the top, then click on the drop-down menu labled, “Text Box.” I use a simple text box (with the shape outline set to “none”) and paste the text of the songs into it. Then you can edit the size and shape just like you would with clip art, reduce or enlage the text, change the font, etc. The best part, is that by hovering over the green dot at the top of the text box, you can turn it. So, you turn half of them upside down, put them in the same numerical order I have on my page (or test it out using your printer).

Guess the commandment?

Guess the commandment, a review game:

I’ll have 2-3 kids come up front. They will receive a commandment (like, whenever the Primary sings the word “choose,” spin around). As the primary sings the song the children up front will follow their commandment. The kids singing can also follow the commandment, as soon as they’ve figured it out.

To keep it interesting for Sr Primary I’ll have the kid up front do a much more subtle gesture; fold your arms, flick your hair, lean against the table, pull your earlobe, straighten your tie, etc.