Getting Ready for 2013!

I’ve fixed up some of my paperwork for the new year! Here’s a link to the page where I keep my updated paperwork:


“Sunday Primary Song Schedule” is the sheet I print out for the pianist. I’ve been thinking about putting it in a sheet protector or laminating one and using wet-erase markers on it instead of printing out a new one each week. I have the wiggle songs we use frequently listed in alphabetical order on this page, so the pianist can find the song I want to do quickly.

“Songs the Primary Knows” is a document I print out and keep in my folder. Whenever we sing a song in primary (learning it for the program or as opening song, etc) then I’ll write in the date and how well they sang it on this sheet. That way I can look at the sheet and easily pick out songs that the kids need to work on. I also highlight songs that I think they should know–and then I work on them until the kids know them. When I get released this will be a treasure to the new chorister.
“2013 year” is my year-at-a-glance. I put this in the back cover of my 3-ring binder and then I can glance at it to see what we’ll be working on for the next few weeks. Sometimes I just need a quick reminder of what next week’s sharing time lesson will be so I can correlate my singing time with it, and sometimes I need the reminder that next week is a holiday and lots of kids will be out of town.

Feel free to edit these, and let me know if you need them in a different format!


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for 2013!

  1. Pam Hicks says:

    Thank you for the Year at a Glance 2013. I was making my own as I was just released as Ward Chorister where I had made a year schedule. But then I remembered seeing this and had saved when I was downloading ideas when I was called 3 weeks ago. I spent hours today filling in all the blanks and adding a few columns to fit our Primary order and now I have the whole year planned. This was absolutely fabulous. Please please make one for 2014 when the time comes.
    Thank you so much.

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