So much for 2013…

( v _ v, )

I’m done for. They threw me a curveball and released me immediately following the program. My main thought was, “I was just about to get to the fun part of the year!!” I was so looking forward to doing missionary songs, and Christmas, and planning for next year! One of my favorite people is taking over though, and I know the kids are in good hands.

So, farewell until I get called again…

I might (infrequently) post other music-related things, because I still am co-conducting the stake children’s choir and I teach private singing classes, but I know that I will be a slacker without a deadline!


One thought on “So much for 2013…

  1. Janneke says:

    Oh no!!!! Thank you for everything you’ve posted thusfar. You have been a huge help to me in my calling. I will be released too in the coming months due to our move. Thank you for helping me feel like a better chorister!

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