Hi! I’m Aili.

I got called as Primary chorister in San Antonio, Texas in Oct. 2011. I’m almost at the one-year mark, and I feel like I’ve got my feet under me. I am really enjoying this calling!

I love making music, but I’m picky about what I listen to. I took enough music classes in college to minor is music and always sing with the choir. I keep hammering away at the piano and my kids got me a recorder for Christmas.

I teach my own kids and some friend’s kids a singing class and have done music for Nursery and preschool before. I teach private singing lessons. I made a goal last year that I want to write music for the church. Now I’m eating, sleeping, breathing primary music. Guess I’m supposed to write some too!

I love working with children. I love teaching in general, but especially I love sharing my love for singing with passion. My goals for being chorister are to bring the spirit into every singing time and teach the kids to feel the spirit whenever and whatever they sing (obviously they will not be able to sing things that drive away the Spirit of God!). And to teach the principles of the gospel in fun and memorable ways.

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I'm a Mormon.


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