Getting Ready for 2013!

I’ve fixed up some of my paperwork for the new year! Here’s a link to the page where I keep my updated paperwork:


“Sunday Primary Song Schedule” is the sheet I print out for the pianist. I’ve been thinking about putting it in a sheet protector or laminating one and using wet-erase markers on it instead of printing out a new one each week. I have the wiggle songs we use frequently listed in alphabetical order on this page, so the pianist can find the song I want to do quickly.

“Songs the Primary Knows” is a document I print out and keep in my folder. Whenever we sing a song in primary (learning it for the program or as opening song, etc) then I’ll write in the date and how well they sang it on this sheet. That way I can look at the sheet and easily pick out songs that the kids need to work on. I also highlight songs that I think they should know–and then I work on them until the kids know them. When I get released this will be a treasure to the new chorister.
“2013 year” is my year-at-a-glance. I put this in the back cover of my 3-ring binder and then I can glance at it to see what we’ll be working on for the next few weeks. Sometimes I just need a quick reminder of what next week’s sharing time lesson will be so I can correlate my singing time with it, and sometimes I need the reminder that next week is a holiday and lots of kids will be out of town.

Feel free to edit these, and let me know if you need them in a different format!


Stand up! Sit Down!

To help the kids practice standing up and sitting down we played a quick and simple game.

I had them sit in their chairs with their eyes closed and when the pianist played a note, or the beginning of a song, they would open their eyes and stand up! And we’d see who was fastest 🙂

After they had that down, I changed the rules. Now they would close their eyes and when the piano played they would open their eyes and look at me. Then I would tell everyone to stand up together.

If I had more time it would have been really fun to let the kids take turns deciding when to cue the piano, and being in charge of when to stand up.

But, you can only do so much in four minutes!